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Château Capron

Little brother of the Château Cantinot, the Château Capron is mainly made from merlots of the property of the same name, bought in 2009. It is an attractive wine for its roundness, freshness and fruitiness. Ideal as an aperitif, on a charcuterie board or with chicken.

Vintage available: 2018

Rivière du Château Cantinot

Second wine of Château Cantinot, Rivière is characterized by a large majority of merlot (90%) which gives it this charming fruit and its roundness. The cabernet-sauvignon that complements it brings a nice freshness.
Rivière du Château Cantinot is the perfect balance between delicacy, lightness and drinkability, with a slightly liquorice finish, characteristic of the wines of the property.
How to taste it? Enjoy as an aperitif dinner, with a nice plate of charcuterie and cheeses or on white meats. Rather to drink in youth, Rivière has an optimal storage capacity between 7 and 12 years.
Vintage available: 2018

Château Cantinot

First wine of the Château, created in 2002, it expresses the passion of these owners by a real personality, a charm apart and truly translates this love of "well done". In the classic Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend, each vintage is a search for balance between fruit and oak, giving it an elegance and a tannic roundness that accompanies its beautiful length, underlined by pleasant roasted touches.
Vintages available: 2010, 2015, 2016

Les tours de cantinot

The cuvée Les Tours de Cantinot is a parcel selection of our old vines. A wine combining power, great structure and designed for storage. A cuvée mostly of cabernet bringing nice warm notes, with sweet and seductive spices, such as vanilla, clove, white pepper, all with a beautiful volume in the mouth.
How to taste it?
Great wine to keep with a magnificent concentration, it is the ally of beautiful tables with grilled meats, game, cocoa desserts. If tasted within 7 years, to decant in advance or to be aged in cellar.
Vintages available: 2007, 2009 (magnums only), 2011, 2018


This is the very "confidential" cuvée, resulting from an "unusual" vinification: harvested by hand for selecting the best grapes directly on the vines feet ; the whole bunches are sung in the rotating micro-winemakers for a gentle extraction of the best juices. Orbite is also distinguished by a different blend at each vintage and is not produced every year. It is therefore a unique wine of its kind, long on the palate, silky at will. The real cuvée of the most demanding palates.
Vintages available: 2012 (magnums only), 2016


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